Announcing the winners of the Clever Blogging T-Shirt contest

With all the awesome slogans that were submitted, we had a tough time narrowing them down to just 7 winners (plus the peoples’ choice “Most Creative” winner). We considered, contemplated, and deliberated, and finally used our super-secret algorithm to select the very best (okay, not really; we took a vote).

Without further ado, here are the winners:

  • First prize: “Bloggers do it for the comments.” by Patrick Lee (we also loved “I blog, therefore I am… desperate for comments!” but can’t have Patrick looking like a prize-hog  ).
    Patrick will receive his choice of $100 USD cash or a year’s hosting at MediaLayer (the AppLayer DX plan) and a two-year domain name registration. (Provided by Blogging Expertise.)
  • Second prize: “My blog beat up your brochure.” by Justin Foster.
    Justin will receive one copy each of the books Blog Design SolutionsTextpattern Solutions, and Podcast Solutions, generously donated by friends of ED.
  • Third prize: “Technorati Hottie” by Jade Nirvana Ingmire.
    Jade will receive a $60 ThinkGeek gift certificate. (Provided by ThinkGeek.)
  • Fourth prize: “RSS feeds. I am hungry.” by K-IntheHouse (we also loved “Read blogs. Save trees.“).
    K-IntheHouse will receive a $40 gift certificate for ThinkGeek. (Provided by ThinkGeek.)
  • Fifth prize: “Don‘t stop me now, I‘m on a blog roll.” by Ray Fowler.
    Ray will receive Organic Body Wash, Organic Lip Balm and Organic Insect Repellent. (Provided by Tennille Chambers’ Organic Lifestyle Income Opportunity.)


  • Most Creative: “I came, I saw, I blogged” by Rajaram S (who seems to have a lot of Orkut friends, if I’m interpreting the stats correctly).
    Rajaram will receive a copy of the excellent Color Schemer Studio. (Provided by ColorSchemer.)
  • Wanna-be Blogger: “I’ve got a blog and I’m not afraid to use it.” by Elizabeth Ramer.
    Elizabeth will receive 3 months’ membership in the Blog Mastermind system. (Provided by Yaro Starak.)
  • Business Blogger: “Blogging is the new … (read more)” by Lucy (this was actually our top pick, but Lucy really wanted this prize, and we’re not going to deny her the one she really wants!).
    Lucy will receive 2 hours of consulting time with Ian Lurie of Portent Interactive. (Provided by Ian Lurie/Portent Interactive.)

Watch for the t-shirts, coming soon to Spreadshirt!