Where was your blog this time last year?

I’m going to be heading off for Christmas vacation here soon (the grown-up version, meaning that two-week holidays are a fond school memory, but because Christmas and New Year’s Day are Mondays, I’m taking a week). By the time I return, it will be a whole new year.

I know the New Year’s Resolution is currently a bit out of fashion, but I love the reminder the New Year gives us to reflect on the year past and contemplate the year to come. Darren at ProBlogger is doing a “Reviews and Predictions” Group Writing Project this week, and that fits in nicely with the mood of these last few weeks of December.

So, with that, a request: tell me about your blog this year. Last December, did you have a blog? (Do you have a blog now?) Did you blog on the same topic as you are now? Has your blogging changed your life in any way (small ways are okay!) over the last twelve months?

I’ll tell you mine, and hope you’ll leave a comment and tell me yours.

Last December, blogging was peripheral to my life. I wrote over on frugal underground and a now-defunct cooking blog. I tweaked blogs for my web development clients.

Now, blogging is central to my life. I’m still not fantastic at practicing what I preach (as you’ll clearly see as blog posts here appear in fits and starts), but I have a lot more experience to draw from. 95% of my work these days is based on blog software, and probably 80% is specifically helping people blog. I recently accepted a steady gig blogging regularly for a company (details to come as thing progress).

Going into the new year, I’m really excited to find out what new things people will ask for. My clients are innovative and smart and accomplishing amazing things, and it’s invigorating (and at times frustrating!) to be part of this crazy new online world.

One of the coolest parts of blogging and my job helping others blog is that blogs make things easy that used to be hard. Now people who are passionate about any subject in the world can share that passion, and they don’t have to be tech geeks.

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably enthusiastic about the potential—realized or as-yet-unrealized—of blogging. How have you seen that potential in the last year, and what are you doing about it?